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Shaina B. is passionate about self
love, self expression and the freedom to be you.


After becoming interested in her Mom’s makeup drawer as a child, Shaina began experimenting with how makeup could not only enhance her looks but boost her confidence and ability to express herself with many and varying looks. Not only did she become aware of the confidence she gained from wearing makeup, but she began to celebrate her natural features, her complexion and the enjoyment she got out of exploring different products.

“I never wanted to hide behind makeup or become someone else, I wanted to play - like dress up - and capture different moods, different vibes, different aspects of my personality.”

With an entirely inclusive product line, with Latin background, Shaina remains true to her mission - to provide exceptional quality makeup and tools that are designed to empower you to discover and embrace your inner beauty.

As she became more and more aware of how much harder it was to achieve natural and professional looks with poor quality makeup and tools, she began connecting with her community, comparing and identifying what it was that was missing and how she might be able to create something longer lasting, dependable and above all accessible.

“I’m super close to my Mom, she always encouraged me to find confidence in whatever I was into. I was fascinated as a child watching her do her makeup - the way blush lit up her complexion and now it’s Mom that asks me to do her face for a big night out. It’s such a privilege to have that kind of relationship.”

“I am proud to be providing makeup and tools for a hugely supportive community of expressives and makeup enthusiasts that champion empowerment and liberation through beauty.”



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